20 x 300ml Bottles of Grolsch. £7 per box in Store today
20 x 300ml Bottles of Grolsch. £7 per box in Store today

20 x 300ml Bottles of Grolsch. £7 per box in Store today

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I appreciate there is loads of beer deals currently but my fave Grolsch is not included it would seems in the 2 for £16 3 for £20 etc
Popped into my local ASDA (Colchester,ESSEX)
£7 box. These are the 300ml bottles not the stubbies.
They have been priced at between £10-£12.98 recently
On line they are saying £12.98 so maybe instore only.

Good Value compared to 18 284ml Stella and 18 284ml Kronee.



Why add a free delivery voucher if instore only?

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The price on line may change.

Yesterday they were £12.98 in store so maybe website needs updating, steady on !

Wish Cider deals were better like this

Good price, nice lager, Voted hot!

Good deal - paid £3.65 for 6 in tesco the other day.

thanks! this may warrant a diversion from my usual route to the gym later

£1.17 a litre which is 66p a pint - hot

whos doing 3 for £20


Is grolsch nice?

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"Is grolsch nice?"

OH Yes and worth trying at 35p per bottle.

yes, it's hot, got some in Warrington ASDA


this is more like it, better than that carling **** :whistling:

grolsch is bootiful

I've never had grolsch, always buy carlsberg because it's cheap (which I hate..btw).

Might risk it and buy some, it can't be worse than carlsberg anyway

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Once you have tasted it................................

I won't drink anything else.
cheers for the REP etc

Nice one, swung by and scooped a case in in Peterborough. Also took advantage of the great wines in the 3 for £10 offer posted previously

Thanks, Voted Hot!

These supermarkets should stop this.....they're turning me into an alcoholic :whistling:

Great deal though!

Nicer than Stella?

hell yes

Voted hot.
Got 4 cases last night at the ASDA in Boldon, Tyne & wear.
Damn fine bargain!!!!!!!

It's online now at £7


out of stock at Crawley ASDA

Thanks OP. Ordered some beers and 3 multi-buy wine offers. With free delivery and huge savings it is a great deal.

shops only allow a max of 6 cases per customer, but im sure if you could fit more in your car, you can just go to multiple checkouts!

got 5 cases last night from the asda in sheffield, half the stand was depleted by the main entrance, not sure about elsewhere in the store

excellent deal!

just got 2 cases from Leicester Fosse Park, they had about 8 left and no more coming in on that deal.

great price and a superb out in the sun BBQ drink:thumbsup:

Thanks OP, and jibby1 for the heads up on the online availability. Several cases to be added to the weekly shop me thinks

Ordered several cases ;-) for home delivery, got a phone call saying no Grolsch in stock would Heineken be ok, Heineken turned up 20x330ml (bigger bottles), should have been £13 but price matched at £7.

Billy bargain, won't be thirsty for the football tonight :thumbsup:

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Great pud77

They do a price match on out of stock items unlike TESCO. I like Heineken too !
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