20 x 440ml Carlsberg Cans - £10.99 at Aldi

20 x 440ml Carlsberg Cans - £10.99 at Aldi

Found 24th Aug 2016
Seemed a good enough deal if you don't like any of the beer offers at the supermarkets or live closer to Aldi than the supermarket


This is probably not the best Lager in the World IMO

Voting Hot as a lot of other people like it and it`s 55p a can

£13.00 in ASDA
Hot from me.

This has been in Aldi for months not a new deal
Edited by: "vonvonhorrocks" 25th Aug 2016

Voted hot because it`s wet on a hot day and that`s about it!

HOT!!!! Plus just after pay day!!!

They were £9.99.
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