200 Free Nectar Points.
200 Free Nectar Points.

200 Free Nectar Points.

Still working and can't find it posted before. Fill in your Nectar card number and use the Promo Code of 'Thank you1'


Thanks Barnybar! voted hot...:-D

haha, nice one!

Thanx also voted hot

nice, voted hot

Nice One...:thumbsup:

Thanks - hope it works! Still waiting for 50 points for signing up for the Thomson newsletter!

thats mint, cant believe it worked!!
Thanks x

But isn't this just for EDF customers (like myself). The points show up in your EDF online account. I've already added mine yesterday.

I am an EDF Customer - but never knew about this, so thanks!
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I'm not an EDF Customer but i've just tried it, i'm sure i'll find out soon enough if its added them

Thanks anyways, voted hottttt

Thanks, voted hot

Thanks a lot! Voted hot!

Easy Peasy!!! Thanks barnybar!

Thanks for this.

Nice one!!!!

Entered Thanks

Thanks for that.

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Thanks barneybar. Voted hot :thumbsup:

Thanks barneybar. hot+rep

Just tried the code "thankyou2" and it seemed to have a similar result.. bonus points will be added within 28 days of the offer end date... Not sure if it will actually give any points but worth a shot, surely?

EDIT: Ok I just tried "thankyou9342" and that also did the same. I won't hold my breath.

Voted Hot & Rep!

gone up to £15.97 now...doh!!!!


gone up to £15.97 now...doh!!!!



gone up to £15.97 now...doh!!!!

i think you have this thread confused with the amazon misprice of the net tv series which has now gone back up to £15.97 :oops:

Thanks a lot! I too voted hot

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Thanks to OP.Voted hot

Hot for me too.

Thanks for the info . . .

wow superb!!! gr8 find m8y. Thanks..

thanks for the great find.

:-) Thank you!

Nice one - Ta.

nice, voted hot:thumbsup:

Hot Cheers

thanks for that voted hot and repped

Nice find - well done

I am a newbie to nectar and can someone tell me where to apply this code? thanks.

Nice one!
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