200 free Nectar points for downloading their toolbar, also more points for searches

200 free Nectar points for downloading their toolbar, also more points for searches

Found 25th Sep 2012
Thought this seemed pretty good for free. Just download the toolbar.

Nectar Search Toolbar

Download the Nectar Search Toolbar to pick up points on your everyday internet searches!

Collect Double Points for the month of September

We all search the web every day for shopping, handy how-to's and must know news. So wouldn't it be great if you could collect extra Nectar points just for doing something you do already? Well, with the new Nectar Search Toolbar you can! The Toolbar will also tell you when you're on a shopping website (like eBay.co.uk) where you can collect points too.

Simply download the Toolbar and give us your Nectar card number to pick up points on your searches, we'll even give you 200 BONUS points when you first download it*.

Collect 1 point per 2 valid searches you make (you can collect 50 points max per month)
During September 2012 you can collect double points on searches, being 1 point for each valid search you make (up to a maximum of 100 points)
Collect points faster by downloading the Toolbar onto multiple computers linked to the same Nectar account
Shows you which shopping websites you can collect points on
Nectar Search is powered by Yahoo! So it's free, safe and easy to use
There's no spyware or adware and Nectar never collect information on your personal web searches
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Why are people voting this cold?
I gave it a go but it didn't work for me... never awarded points for any searches I did. Uninstalled!
Thanks was worth a try tho.
My toolbar seems ok, 5 searches and seeing 5 points. Not sure how long we have to wait for the 200 points though
Got the 200 points and it works in Firefox... I just wish it wouldn't go to Yahoo as the search results aren't as good! Will probably remove once September is over.
200 points = £1
My extra points came through today :-)
yea this deal is 4 months old
Hi, I find it will not even show up on my PC as I use Firefox 26. I cannot get IE8 to work (I use XP Home).
On my laptop I did get it to download but as it goes to Yahoo.com web and not stay on UK search, I get a box stating search invalid - when read he box it states that searches must be UK. But Yahoo will not stay on UK it always changes to web.

Finally had to give it up as I am getting stressed about £5 per year.
have been on nectar toolbar for ages but now I cant keep track of my points as they have vanished from the right hand side of page why has this happened will they be re displayedand when I want to know how many points I have at a glance without having to log in thanks
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