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200 gram bag polo mint holes. 10p B&M Stores
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200 gram bag polo mint holes. 10p B&M Stores

Posted 26th Dec 2015Local
200 gram bag polo mint holes. 10p. Not sure if it's national

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Just the hole?
yes. just the holes. maybe that is why this by-product is so cheap
Anyone tasted these?
they are a bit airy
LOL, had to think about this - guess it's the tiny circular 'middles' out of the mints, so wholes rather than holes
NO just the holes lol
there's really nothing to them
Are these the spearmint or the peppermint ones?
I think they are hole mint
holy crap!!
They made these about 15 year ago. They was just like trebor mints


Does this mean there are a load of Polo mints somewhere without any holes?
No No No. All polo mints have holes . Even the holes get get sold
HOW do the manage to package a HOLE????

At last a company that is not afraid to sell NOTHING for SOMETHING.

Actually these days LOTS of companies are charging a LOT for very LITTLE anyway so this had to happen.
Which branch was this?
junction one. antrim
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