200 nappy bags for 23p at wilkinsons

200 nappy bags for 23p at wilkinsons

Found 20th Jul 2014
200 nappy bags for 23p from wilkinsons.
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can't complain at that price.
Thanks OP, great deal

direct link
Sainsburys basics are around 16p permanently for scented nappy bags
150 for 89p from aldi.. Yes they are dearer but so much better quality, they smell nice too and you can't see through the bag like you can with the cheapo ones, and they are easier to open!!
great deal!
can also be used as dog poo bags.
I posted this deal a few months back when I was pregnant, however I've found that the Asda ones are much better!
Bargain ideal for chucking at them dirty b******s who insist on not picking up there dogs mess
Bought these the other day - they are very thin so be you need to be careful with them. Prob won't buy again as not worth the risk on my beige carpets
Free on the fruit and veg aisle.
Great for doggy poop bags, I use both these and the Sainsbury's ones (which are, as mentioned, surprisingly cheaper).
Morrison's ones are 12p for 100, decent quality for the price, never split for the nappies but have had a couple of accidents with the dog, inevitable though really!
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