200,000 Flights for £0 ex Tax from 6pm, 8th Feb 2007
200,000 Flights for £0 ex Tax from 6pm, 8th Feb 2007

200,000 Flights for £0 ex Tax from 6pm, 8th Feb 2007

Want to visit friends, enjoy a short break or take a business trip at insanely low prices?

" Crazy Days - Be quick and book your free tickets!

6pm, 8 Feb 07 midnight, 11 Feb 07 (CET). "

Then book your flights for nothing during our special Crazy Days offer. Were offering 200,000 flights from 0 * only until Sunday.

Booking period: 6pm on 8 February 07 until midnight on 11 February 07 (all times CET).
Travel period: 17 February 07 until 30 April 07.

Start booking from 6pm on Thursday!

* The offer is only valid while flights are available and relates only to new bookings made via internet or our call centre. Taxes charges and passenger-related fees are not included and must be paid these range between 16.96 up to a maximum of 50.63. Changes to bookings can be made via our call centre (telephone numbers for your country can be found on our website) or via the My Germanwings section of our website, in accordance with our terms of business. There is a limited quota of seats available at these prices per flight. Germanwings reserves the right to have sold out before the end of the offer period.


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[SIZE=2]The unit prices in my email is for Euros (for some reason it didnt show up)[/SIZE]

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dont start till tomorrow at 6pm

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Yup and you have 23 hours to plan your holiday hehe :thumbsup:

It's a shame as I m going to Cologne for karnival with German Wings and I have already booked my ticket like 3 weeks ago ... If only .... if only I hang on !

Anyway it seems like a good deal to me! Shame I cant benefit from it.

seems like a good deal - shall try to get some tomorrow, thanks

when is carnival in Cologne?

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The karnival aparently has already started. but apparently the main events are from 15th Feb. I am staying in Cologne until the 20th.

A shame I missed this great opportunity! But I hope you guys will be able to benefit the Free Flight offer.

£20 return (for the tax) isnt bad!


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Just bringing the adverts up. 1 hour to go before the sale! Hopefully for those who wanted a holiday away would be able to benefit. I will try to post up the Karnival details in a bit (if I can find a good page for it)

It says times are in CET so I guess it must have already started then?

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Yes it has! lol

(missed it myself!)

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