2007 Calendars all £1 In-Store

2007 Calendars all £1 In-Store

Found 13th Feb 2007
Was just in my local Borders (Cambridge) and all their 2007 calendars were reduced to £1, including all their page a day blocks and larger glossy ones.

There were plenty in stock and one would expect this was part of a national drive to get rid of these.


Thanks for this Guess it's an in-store only deal, so added it in the title.

Good I guess, but you have already lost a 6th of the time

What else could you buy for £1 that is new every day you look at it for 10 months?


Whatever is left is a £1 in Whsmith also.

Theres only 44 days gone this year still plenty left!

Much rather pay a pound now than upto £8 a few weeks ago!

They are all 89p in Sports World

£1 in woolies

and £1 in Oxfam too, and they are fantastic, the ones with wild animals is stunning.

Calendars are half price in my local poundland

... Proving that not everything they sell costs a pound :giggle:
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