2009 annuals 39p each @ Home Bargains

2009 annuals 39p each @ Home Bargains

Found 11th Feb 2009Made hot 11th Feb 2009
On another visit to home bargains saw that selected annuals are on for 39p a lot of posts for annuals have been posted recently but nothing under 50p saw that there are harry potter and lego i think may be different vareties avaible unsure.
This was in the burslem branch


I paid 99p from whsmith's a few weeks ago for harry potter sticker annual, but found the poster annual in home bargains today for 29p in the Hull branch. good find at both prices. they also had shrek pop up book for £1.99, nice book, great for those kids who are fans. heat added!!

Do people read annuals or are they just something you give for Christmas?

Man I wish there was a home bargains within 50 miles!

My kids love them and they are mostly cheaper then childrens magazines.

Fond memories of annuals every year when I was a kid.

Have The Sparky 1974, 1975, 1976
Warlord 1976
Shiver & Shake 1975
Whizzer & Chips 1974. 1975
The Dandy
The Beano

My own kids don't seem to be into annuals or comics for that matter. Not the traditional kind from my day.
Used to love the free gifts like the cardboard triangular snapper thing & the Shiver & Shake wizz kazoo.

I was a Wizz kid btw, not one of them skanky Chip'ites.
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