200G Starbucks Espresso Beans £5.50 for 2 @ Tesco with 2 free tall latte's

200G Starbucks Espresso Beans £5.50 for 2 @ Tesco with 2 free tall latte's

Found 2nd Jan
With all the bean to cup coffee machine offers popping up on here over the past few weeks i today spotted a decent offer on beans, Tesco currently have an offer on the Starbucks espresso dark coffee beans, 2 packs for £5.50 or £3.50 each.

Not a bad price on offer and taste really nice from my new Delonghi bean to cup machine.

The bonus is that each pack have a voucher that entitles the purchaser to a free tall latte @ Starbucks. With these costing approx £2.50 the beans are almost free if you like to frequent a Starbucks, latte valid within 30 days of the best before date on the pack
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I always wanted to try these with my blender its a little Hinari Genie. Great how you get 2 free drinks I spend a bloody fortune in Starbucks, gutted they've been out of Eggnog for nearly 2 weeks.
Do you need a filter for making the coffee?:/
Bought a few the other day! Well worth it! Love my coffee machine Takes ground or ESE pods. Couldn't be happier. Most ppl will say it's a lot of fuss and messing about with a machine when all you want is a coffee right now!!! I was the same but once you get familiar with it you adopt a routine and it becomes easy and well worth the investment.
I bought the De’Longhi EC685 Dedica Style Pump Espresso Coffee Machine, Red from John Lewis for £129 (the priced matched at the time) Quality little machine!!
How can you buy beans that have probably been sitting in the packet for 6 months. Plenty of websites out there that roast to order. I got my eletta delonghi delivered on the 27th.. ordered the beans on the 25th (Christmas day).. the packet says they were roasted on the 27th and they arrived on the 29th. Was once told, never buy coffee beans that have a best before date, they really should only have a roasted date on them. BTW it was a 1KG bag for 9.99 plus delivery.. from the grindhouse.

First time customers get a 20% off popup code if you input your email, helps pay for the delivery by royal mail.


Coffee I went for

Heat from me
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coffee beans can be expensive, so every little offer helps

thanks for the post
As these are roast to an inch of their life, they are very forgiving and make a decent espresso based drink or a v60

Personally love these as you know exactly what you’re getting.

Fed up of artisan coffee roaster charging £8 for 250g of what mainly tastes of dishwater
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