200mb Homeplug AV - £35.39 Delivered @ Box.co.uk
200mb Homeplug AV - £35.39 Delivered @ Box.co.uk

200mb Homeplug AV - £35.39 Delivered @ Box.co.uk

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Seems to be a decent price, only 30left according to web site.

Think this unit has now been replaced by a slightly more compact design in current range - might do the job for someone though.


If you're getting >1 pair, Ebuyer are slightly cheaper. ebuyer.com/pro…753 (Delivery charge otherwise)

Can someone explain to me, and it might seem like a dopey question but there's something I'm not getting here: what's the point of a 200MB connection?

The max broadband I can get at home is around the 14MB mark, which gets me - on a wired connection from a great host - about 1.2Mb/s download speed. I have some old 85MB homeplugs, and I still get that same speed. The best domestic broadband you can currently get in Britain is virgin media's 50MB, so surely your transfer speed is being capped before it gets in your home long before you have to worry about internal speeds.

It's handy if you have a NAS/home server and want to stream HD content inside your house when WiFi lacks the bandwidth.

Backing up GBs of data over slow WiFi isn't quick our fun

It's useful for streaming HD media or transferring large files between pc's on a home network, that type of thing.

Curse Swype. I meant to write "or fun" - backing up GBs over Gigabit takes a while. Over 200Mbps it would be ok, but 54Mbps WiFi would take a LOT of time.

I've got four of these in use around the house. They work flawlessly and I get around 140-160Mbps, which is great for HD video.

Great for the cheapskate sony tellys and blurays that dont provide wireless dongles as standard. Use this instead of paying £80 for a dongle!

Alright thanks I didn't really think of using them mostly for your internal network, might need to get some of these at some point as I'm thinking of getting a media box.

seems a good deal as I paid £39 for my 7 day shop twin pack.

Just took delivery of those today and I must say most impressed with how well they work. My Sony BDP-S370 now Internet enabled and quality and speed of internet content is first class.

I bought a couple of Ebuyer 200Mbps Powerline adaptors about a year ago, which work really well. One is plugged into the NAS device and the other into the PS3. I was looking to purchase an extra one for use with the desktop computer, in order to 'plug-in' to the existing Powerline setup.

Does anyone know if these are likely to be compatible with my existing set-up?

Many thanks

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In theory if both "200mb AV" standard, should work fine together - in theory....

I'll put the theory to the test and order these!
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