2011 Annuals £0.99 @ Home Bargains

2011 Annuals £0.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 21st Dec 2010Made hot 21st Dec 2010
Several different annuals. Tired of paying over the odds as these books get thinner every year

Dr Who
Marvel Superheroes
Scooby Doo

I'm going to a larger store tomorrow when I do my grocery shopping, so will update with others they have as I didn't take too much notice of the girlie ones.



thanks am waiting for a reduction on the private eye one! Very often Beano £1 or so in waterstones after xmas too :-)

Toys-R-Us reduce all annuals to 99p every xmas eve, if any one is interested id bet my left **** they do it this year.

This has already been posted hotukdeals.com/dea…467 and just so people don't make a special trip it is definately store specific. As someone pointed out in the other thread some stores are only stocking one or two titles - my local has Transformers for 99p and Clone Wars for £3.49, and has been this way for a few weeks

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Just got back, they also have:

Fifi or foofy whatever lol
Star Wars,
Clone Wars
Top Gear

There were about 10 in total, should have taken a pen to write them down lol
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