2011 Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium Graphics Tablet + Other Wacom Tablets @ BestBuy - £127.49

2011 Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium Graphics Tablet + Other Wacom Tablets @ BestBuy - £127.49

Found 29th Nov 2011
Just bought Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium Graphics Tablet for £127.99 + £3.99 delivery, much cheaper compared to everywhere else, and it seems to the new 2011 model. Was surprised this wasn't already gone.

Also the code can be used for the other Wacom Tablets.

Use BBY code at basket
I also had to add £3.99 for delivery.

The reason why I didn't add postage to the main price was because I wasn't sure if it was because I was in Northern Ireland.

Looks like two of the tablets are gone, just the small and medium Bamboo's left.


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I already posted this, sorry I was trying to add it to the Cyber Monday thing, but it doesn't seem to be there now. This can be deleted since it's a duplicate thread.

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Had a fiddle with one of these in PCworld, already have the older pen and touch version but this felt light years better, very stable and comfortable to use - the older model feels like running your fingernails down a blackboard compared to it - still very expensive though

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Thanks for letting me know, I have an old Volito 2 I think, and it's good to hear that this is better. Although it's still quite a bit of money, it's much cheaper than everywhere else. Even the old one is still round the same price, though Currys and PC world were selling the last Bamboo Fun Medium for £120 about a month ago.

hot deal for me as i was already looking for a decent Wacom. I'm assuming this is a good product?

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Well, it seems to be the newest version, the 2011 model, last model came out 2009. I think the medium one is the same as the Create in America, the small version being the Capture.

It comes with 3 nibs, which apparently wear away, but I'm hoping all is good. I also believe software is included.

purchased... thanks so much for this find. been after a decent priced tablet for ages. you've made my christmas

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Enjoy, if one person gets advantage of this offer, it was worth my time posting. Mine has just been dispatched and yodel are delivering it, should come friday for me.

I think this has expired now

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It has, just checked.

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Mine arrived, its the new 2011 model.
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