2012 Blu Ray £10.99 delivered @ Powerplay direct
2012 Blu Ray £10.99 delivered @ Powerplay direct

2012 Blu Ray £10.99 delivered @ Powerplay direct

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Disaster movie maker Roland Emmerich, whose other hit films include Independence Day and The Day after Tomorrow, has once again struck cinematic gold with his latest breathtaking action-adventure movie 2012.

Drawing on the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on 21st December 2012, Emmerich takes us on a visual journey of gargantuan proportions. The planet is being attacked, but this time it isn't aliens threatening the existence of the human race, its solar flares heating up the earth's core.

Whilst camping with his kids in Yellowstone, failed author Jackson Curtis (John Cussack) comes across a secret military operation. Woody Harrelson, a nutty conspiracy theory radio presenter tells him that the end of the world is nigh and that the government know it. True enough, top scientist Adrian (Ejiofor) is working for the government on a top secret project which will ensure that a selected proportion of the population will survive the impending natural catastrophes.

Jackson attempts to save his children and ex-wife but by the time he reaches them in LA, the chaos has begun - Yellowstone has turned into a supervolcano, whole cities have been destroyed and colossal tsunamis cause devastation across the globe. With time running out, is there anywhere they can escape to?

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