2012 movie (blu-ray) 9.69 play

2012 movie (blu-ray) 9.69 play

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Found 18th Mar 2011
After what happened in Japan, this is a movie worth watching.

9.69£ is good


disgusting and offensive

disgusting and offensive

I think you've got the wrong film mate..?

That's a bit tasteless OP.

I'm not the most PC person out there, but i'll have to vote cold just for your blatant lack of sensitivity.

a hole for his comment and

9.69£ is bad very bad

Tasteless.... try thinking before you type... moron.


I would rather send the money to Japan than buy this. Not a good way to promote a deal, well this isn't even a deal.

unbelievably innapropriate. COLD COLD COLD

wouldnt even recommend it, its not that great, and some of the scenes in it are laughable, there are better disaster films out there, this one is more of a comeday disaster film

sorry posted cheeper already


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bad film bad joke and bad price he gets the hat trick

bad taste ... ill thought out very cold

epic fail

Not sure of the sentiment attached but I liked the film even though the world always seemed to collapsing about 5 feet behind John Cusack
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Clicked on EXPIRE. This is offensive.

How can I vote it cold when you have expired it!?


I know what OP means because i bought the dvd for a fiver at xmas, and i still havent seen it and its on for two and a half hours. Since i got it at xmas there has been. The earthquake in new zealand, floods in australia, the quake and tsunami and radiation in japan. Myself i joke that by the time i get around to watching the movie it'll be 2012 and i'll be dead in my coffin thinking " i knew i should have watched that film earlier"

Plus tonight at 6.10pm there is the moon the closest to the earth. Supposedly effects the tides, so maybe some more incidents happening.
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