2017 diaries £1 at Card Factory

2017 diaries £1 at Card Factory

Found 8th Jul 2016
I know we are barely in summer but it's never too early to start planning ahead. Picked up this diary for just a quid, it's slightly smaller than A5 size and has plenty of writing space. Page a day and weekends on one page, with time slots as well. Definitely worth the pound and available in a variety of colours too.
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Nice option as other wise I get mine from Poundland.
Thanks, was looking to get one early for next year. Cheers
You can pick up diaries in assorted colours & sizes "A4 to pocket", at the various pound stores (The big chain stores) across the country. Normally a few months befor christmass.
I'll have to nip into the card store now and see if they have a good selection

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Great thanks usually better quality than the pound shop ones
Had one of these from Card Factory for several years now, good quality, spine does not break or dry out so pages stay put. They do larger ones too but this size is a great handy size. The cover colours seem to change every year so will have to see what colour I fancy this time
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