2018 calendars from 23p and free delivery with code @ Studio

2018 calendars from 23p and free delivery with code @ Studio

Found 2nd Jan 2018
20% off and free delivery using code 091 prices from around 23p to 99p. Various themes birds, cats' gardens and more
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Discount code 091 gives 20% off but not Free Delivery?
P&P is £4.99 so how did you get Free Delivery?
4.99 postage - & its a credit agreement. Cold
That was a waste of time, has to go through loads of entry screens to get to checkout and find its £4.99 delivery
Serious waste of time.. sorry op.. cold.
Strange. I used the code and got free delivery. Ordered two calendars.
Just got charged £4.99 delivery, called them to cancel my order but can’t help me because I just opened an account. I need to call back after 3-7 days what a pain in the backside....
Cancelled at last minute. Process more like an interrogation and requiring way too much personal information. I smell a rat here. No way am I buying from this lot. Pity I gave my email addy. Can see I will be inundated with offers. Free delivery hmmm..........see guttediams post
What a rigmarole just to order a calendar. Can't even pay by debit card for a calendar, so much hassle, sorry, thanks for posting, but I'm afraid it's a cold deal for me(annoyed)
I guess the HUKD sheep have voted it hot without even looking...
Got two slimline calendars in the card factory for 50p - bargain!
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