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2019 Car Sat Nav TomTom GO Premium X £257.46 @ Tom Tom
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2019 Car Sat Nav TomTom GO Premium X £257.46 @ Tom Tom

Posted 28th Jun
My TomTom broke today and needed a new one stumbled on this link and works for all so not exclusive!

This is the 6 inch with all the extras like extra mount etc.

Also GO PREMIUM for 239.99 but much better off going for the X version bigger screen and accressies for £18 more, you can sell the extra mount alone for £25 on ebay.
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I had this for test drive, so can say it is not much better than TomTom Go 5200, which I use daily. Not worth an upgrade TBH
Nice bit of kit. For those on a budget who want the TomTom experience then download the TomTom go app (£14.99 a year), use your phone as the Hardware . You get the traffic speed camera etc.
I actually verified what this edition was few weeks ago.
This is identical to its lower counterpart but comes with premium accessories so unless you fancy a nice case delivered with your Tomtom you may as well save yourself a disappointment. Under the hood it's the same spec as Go 62xx series only lacking IFTTT
This seems like a lot for a Sat Nav! Just stick to Waze if I am honest.
TBF I have the 510 and use it every day as a delivery driver, I have Bluetooth in my van now so don't need Hans free but the traffic keeps dropping out that is what I use it for mainly so having the SIM is a upgrade for me also the extra inch. Mine old one has put in hard graft for 2 years, I look on it as a tool for my job like a carpenter has a hammer or a drill things wear out. I will now reset it and put it into cex and sell the extra mount. Job done.

I could use my phone but I like to have a dedicated unit just for navigation as I use my phone for other things when working. Also it is a grey area when it come to the police.
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Just as a very cheap alternative pay the £14 tomtom subscription then buy an old HTC One with Boom sound. Then get the Three network data sim that gives you 200mb data free each month. This gives you everything but at less than £60. You can then get fancy with a wireless charging receiver and a magnetic qi car charger and your set. It's not as good but I thought I would give it a go and its fine for me!
Laks8628/06/2019 16:50

This seems like a lot for a Sat Nav! Just stick to Waze if I am honest.

well waze is worthless against tomtom

i drive daily the same time as my colleague and i always arrive first as i use tomtom
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