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2022 55" S95B OLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV & Samsung S61B Soundbar - £1079.10 @ Samsung EPP

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For those lucky enough to Have Perkbox or student access to Samsung this looks like a pretty solid deal.

Looking at reviews it's on par with the LG C2 some reviews argue it's better.

Not sure on the Sound bar but seems to be going for £150~ on Ebay

LG C2 OLED vs Samsung S95B OLED Side-by-Side TV Comparison - RTINGS.com

Samsung More details at Samsung

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    How much is the 65?
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    I got the 65" s95b and love it... I blocked it from downloading the updates. Got the same soundbar as advertised here with it but found that to be a bit temperamental when using the HDMI. Works fine with bluetooth. Sometimes the soundbar turns on with HDMI ARC and sometimes it doesn't. Great picture. Interface seemed a bit funny at first, would occasionally flicker when switchign to it for a second or two, but now it's fine. It seems to have sorted itself out. No issues and if you ask they will send you a link for 5 year warranty. Mine only came with 1 but when I chased up it was part of a prmotion for various TV models where you got free upgrade to 5Yr. It has loads of features for gaming. I have PS5 and subscribed to the built in xbox game pass so I have best of both worlds for gaming now. Sound is actually pretty good on the TV itself even though I saw some reviews which didn't seem to think so. Seems bassy enough with directional audio. It has Q-symphony feature too, so it links up the TV audio and the Soundbar at the same time and syncs it fro great Dolby Atmos. All round good TV. Most reviews I've seen on youtube have been comparing it to the Sony A95K and also reviews saying it's one of the best TV's to come out. (edited)
    What did you do exactly to get the 5 years? Keen to order via EPP but the 1 year has been a reason not to. Spoke to an agent via chat yesterday and they only confirmed 1 year for EPP.
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    Can i ask this one or LG C2 better ?
    Defo the Samsung
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    I had so many issues with it not recognising HDMI devices, glitchy menus, and losing a lot of brightness after a software update. I returned mine. A lesson to be learned about buying 1st gen tech.
    Why are you blaming hardware for a software fault?
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    Decent price but would wait for the S95C where hopefully some of the issues have been ironed out.
    looks even thinner where it has a seperate box with all the guts in it
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    Still looking for a deal on a 65 preferably Sony bit disappointing there’s not much around just now.
    Spring is when the best deals are. If you can wait, wait.
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    Fantastic TV. I love mine. I watched the 4k blade runner final cut on it yesterday and it was the best I've ever seen it.
    Glad to see you're still enjoying it and I assume you've finished your decorating. Mines has uh... been put on hold.
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    This is only 1yr warranty... I would not risk buying a fragile TV with 1yr warranty but others may.
    I was prepared to say the same, 1 year warranty only from purchases from blue light card or EPP, 5 years without the discount.
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    From reviews I’ve read the user interface is suppose to be a bit clunky and unresponsive. And to add insult to injury it’s littered with ads. Not to mention bent screens. Disappointing for a high end tv at this price range.
    The LG OLEDs have ads too. It's such a disappointment paying over £1000 for TVs which end up bombarding you with advertisements.

    Even worse, when I bought my LG B8 OLED years ago, it had no ads, now, thanks to software updates, they appear when you switch on the TV and in the menus. It's insulting.

    Yes, I can disconnect the TV from the internet, but obviously far from ideal when I use the app/voice assistants to control my TVs, casting, and using the built-in apps. (edited)
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    Amazing TV one of the best you can buy, BUT it's still overpriced this price for the 65" would be more realistic and i think it's not far off. (edited)
    let me know when you come across a high end 65 inch oled for just over a grand and i'll be all over it!
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    Almost bought one of these and then noticed the panel was bent in the shop (only subtle, but noticeable if you looked in side view). It's unnecessarily thin.

    I do agree the picture quality looked great though.Brighter than anything using an LG panel.
    but the colours are not as accurate as the LGs, and thats why I didn't purchase this deal a couple of weeks ago when I spotted it. (edited)
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    google 1420 update for s95b
    Other than breaking HGIG on Game mode, there's no issues compared to 1310
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    Seems as though they are trying to get the picture more accurate and less garish so this may be a cracking tv soon
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    Not a lot of 55 OLEDS on offer right now, it seems. Appreciate anyone with a lead on an LG. Too many issues with this one to bite. Thanks for sharing though!
    Waiting for the LG 55 C2 or even the CS to go under £1000 but doesn't look like it'll happen.
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    No 5 year warranty on this if through EPP. If your not bothered about the 5 year warranty then also you can get C2 from very with 20% back on your credit account. So makes the LG C2 £959.20 (feb delivery) but again no 5 year warranty here. Also AO price matched very welcome offer. Not sure about currys but they should its just harder to get them to price match.
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    Keep an eye out for bent panels too. Tech giant (youtube) reported two before he got a good model.