20gb £20pm / 12mths at e2save (poss £10.16 per month after cashbacks)

20gb £20pm / 12mths at e2save (poss £10.16 per month after cashbacks)

Found 17th Jun
I am on EE. Couldnt do this Ee offer. So I looked around and found exactly same plan with vodafone through E2Save.
from quidco.

so £20 per month 20gb data with cash back from E2Save costs £11 per month.
£10 cashback from quidco so it costs £10.16.

my plus point is I travel alot and was paying £6perday on Ee. With vodafone it will be 0,nil,yada
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Wanted to clarify
Just checked roaming charges. There is roam-free and roam-further.
roam-free countries are free of charge but roam-further countries are subject to £6 daily charge.

When I was checking the abroad charges I was checking the countries I visit usually.
good deal.....
Does e2save pay out cashback?
Yes. I never had problem with them. I used them last year on 2 accounts and they were both very quick to payback the cheques. You just need to put reminder to make sure not to miss the deadline for claim.
Darkraiser5 h, 41 m ago

Does e2save pay out cashback?

Agree with OP, never had a problem getting a cheque. If you are an organised and disciplined person, then you'll be fine. If you're usually the opposite, stay away.
Just in case anyone wanted to know; this doesn't include Spotify/Sky Sports/etc.
Hot for price, just a shame its vodafone!
Voda really are throwing out the dealer commission...still losing customers then...
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