£20/mth - EE 40GB SIM Only (retentions deal)

£20/mth - EE 40GB SIM Only (retentions deal)

Found 31st May
EE retentions deal. 40GB SIM Only plan with unlimited minutes and texts for £20 per month. Originally offered at £25, I then asked for a PAC code to leave the network. They then offered me their 40GB SIM Only plan (currently £30/mth to new customers) for £20/mth.

A good deal for anyone after lots of data at a decent price, who are upgrading with EE.

However, I didn’t take the offer and went for mobiles.co.uk deal for the Vodafone SIM Only plan with 30GB data, Unlimited minutes and texts plus a Spotify/NOW TV/Sky Sports Mobile TV subscription for £14 a month (works out to that after cashback).
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How did you get all that for £14? I dont understand
I for one, like to hear about retention deals as it gives me ammunition when my 12 months is up.
I'm a big EE fan so think this is a great offer. Thanks for the details.
I signed up for the same last week.
johnny.allan7 h, 39 m ago

How did you get all that for £14? I dont understand

Its £14 after cash back.
This came along at the right time for me, daughter has just smashed 75% of our 20gb of data and it doesn't reset until the 20th of every month. So we'd have been limping on 4gb of data until the 20th of June between 3 of us.

Wife and daughter both have EE share sims on my account, so we share the 20gb of data each month and with my loyalty discount the price of all of this is fantastic at £20 per month for 3 sims all with unlimited minutes and text and a share of the 20gb.

So after going ape s#1t on my daughter this morning, I phoned EE (still in angry mode) to have her removed (She's 19) from the plan.

After speaking to the unhelpful termination team, who just wanted to increase my bill to £47 per month and data to 40gb, I got put through to customer services.

After explaining what had happened to the lady she says "let's see if I can't find you a cheeky deal" and then she says "if I can offer you double the data of your current plan, how much do you think I can do that for? I reply £47. She says "I can do that for you for just one penny more than you are currently paying" I nearly fainted

So needless to say I took the deal.
Thanks Scotty for this post, have some heat.
Thanks for posting this I've just gotten this through EE (my current provider) so really happy happy.
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