20th Century Boys Trilogy - £9.49 at HMV

20th Century Boys Trilogy - £9.49 at HMV

Found 15th Dec 2010
Not seen this myself yet but it does seem to have quite a few fans about and sounds wonderfully bonkers.

On sale at HMV for about £5 cheaper than anywhere else

20th Century Boys seems to have been inspired in parts of the story by the works of Stephen King, containing allusions to It and The Stand. However, the story draws allusions mostly from rock and roll, with its title based on T. Rex's famous song, "20th Century Boy".

In 1969, Kenji, an elementary school kid and his friends built a secret base during their summer holidays. They fantasized that they had to fight villains who were out to conquer the world and wrote them in the "Book of Prophecies".

Years later in 1997, Kenji becomes a convenience store manager and leads a regular life after giving up his dreams to become a rock star. His boring life is suddenly turned upside down when his old classmate dies mysteriously and an entire family in the neighbourhood disappears. At the same time, a religious cult and its mysterious leader, "Friend" emerges and a strange chain of events duplicating exactly the events described in the "Book of Prophecies" follow. Is this the beginning of the end of the world? Who is 'Friend'?

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Decent price, but from what I read the film adaptations seem pretty terrible.
The sheer amount of manga means that it'd be incredibly hard to fit all of it in though.
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