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Posted 23 December 2022

210-240cm Nordmann fir Cut christmas tree for 50p @ Milton Keynes B&Q

£0.50£2898% off
In store: Buckinghamshire · B&Q Deals
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    Not sure why some professional whiners can't see the big picture. Xmas trees are very environmentally friendly, apart from transportation costs. But they are grown for one reason only, ie Xmas trees - it's not as if you're cutting down a tree in a national park etc. They sequestrate carbon so help 'save the planet' - then the majority will end up shredded and go into council produced compost, ie release the carbon very slowly as they decompose. It's impossible for a tree that's killed to release more carbon than it absorbed when growing. Even if they end up getting burned, that's either useful (wood pellets producing green electricity) or neutral / non-harmful (garden bonfire).

    Xmas tree business is good for both the economy and the environment. Definitely greener than putting out an artificial tree.
    Cheers - makes sense and I wouldn’t have known some of that if I am being honest
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    Was told that In Edinburgh they had sold out at the full price.
    I know some who got one for a £1 from there..... Edinburgh that is ..I've informed him he was royally ripped off and he might get cashback with this photo
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    Always feel a little sad for the trees that didnt make it to their new homes for Christmas.....
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    Bought 50 for eBay
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    Still a little too expensive for me.  I’m going to wait a few days and see what happens . 
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    Saw these at the local B&Q a few weeks ago at £62!
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    I've noticed a LOT of unsold trees this year. Appreciate money is tight but were more cut down than required or something?
    clearly the planet has far too many tress and deforestation is just a myth (edited)
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    Will these burn?
    They will
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    A Christmas tree isn't just for one Christmas.
    What is it for then?
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    Thanks. Picked up a few. There were still around 20 ish left for anyone interested (at 16:00)
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    How long will these last ya reckon (edited)
    In a hot house a week or 2 at best before they shed the needles
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    Soon, they'll be free as they don't want the hassle of getting rid of them.

    Maybe fuel for people with log burners? Apart from that, you'll have the delight of disposing of it, shortly.
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    They sent the remaining dozen or so trees to waste yard, can be expired ...
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    They should start selling xmas trees for more affordable prices in future. Instead they went up an extra £5 & now trying to flog them for 50p & making a loss.
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