2100 Microsoft points and Gold deals @ Sainsburys

2100 Microsoft points and Gold deals @ Sainsburys

Found 10th Feb 2011
Just thought Id let you lot know that I've just picked up 2100 Microsoft points for £9.99, they also had 12 months gold for £32.99 and 12 months gold plus 800 points for £34.99..

No too shabby!


in store?

Proof since you've bought them? For the points?

£17.97 on website for 2100 points, might want to put instore in title.

2100 for 9.99? why the f*** is this cold???


2100 for 9.99? why the f*** is this cold???

Exactly, if true I'd buy one or two and there's nothing I particularly want (to a large degree) at the moment but I'd get castle crashers, costume quest and the next halo map pack. Dust an elysian tail when it comes out as well. Still thats relying on my current 2100 too.

I've abstained from voting, its not going anywhere yet until solid proof is present since this deal seems too good to be true... Even the best offers on points linger around the £13 mark...

proof please?

proof will save me a journey

If true and widely available then pretty damn hotfor 2100 points. The live prices arent so bad either. Will hold off voting for now.

I'll not vote yet, I've an inkling that it's going to turn out to be 1200 points. Fingers crossed, though.
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I reckon you've got 1200 points instead, which makes those points rather expensive...

Any proof yet?

Both stores local to me (Chester/Cheshire Oaks) are 1200 points for £9.99.
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