2100 Xbox Live points for £15.85 @ Zavvi/The Hut (£13.47 with britvic code)

2100 Xbox Live points for £15.85 @ Zavvi/The Hut (£13.47 with britvic code)

Found 1st Feb 2011
There may be a few after these points with the new black ops packs out today This seems the best deal to get enough points to cover it. You need 1200 points for the pack making it approximately £7.70 worth of points which isn't a bad deal.
If you don't have britvic code, then a walkers code will get it you for a still good price of £14.26!!


I've ordered, saved me some pennies thanks.

ordered some for £13.56 on the 13th, zavvi took the money from my account and then they stayed as 'ready to dispatch' for 14 days, whereupon every few days they sent apologetic emails that they were talking to their supplier and they 'should send them soon'.

took me 2 emails to get them to cancel, with them at first claiming they hadn't billed me at all.

yet to have the money returned to my account.

my advice, for what it's worth, is if you want to actually receive some points, and not just give some money away, go elsewhere. not voting because although the price is good, the company are; in my experience; useless.

Bizarrely, I too got those apology e-mails, but it was after the item had already been received. My order status on the site is still 'being processed'. Perhaps they just had a mass influx of buyers due to the Britvic offer..?

Speaking of which, this deal is all of 9p cheaper than the other one.

play = 2100 for £14.99

really bad customer service with this order I had to wait over a week for them to tell me they had nothing in stock and then when they apparently had it back in stock there was a problem with my payment for odd reason. Ended up canceling the order, really doubt I would be using Zavvi again

I hate the way microsoft price the map packs at 2100 but then only sell 2000 and 5000 point deals on their website(for more money than this) - just so typical of the money grabbing gits - deals like this are better but you have to wait for the stupid box and card to arrive which is such a waste of packaging. Hot from me

Can you get Britvic codes for The Hut or is it just Zavvi>

If you can get them for The Hut how do you do it as I can only see Zavvi on their site (even though The Hut is mentioned at the bottom!)

Zavvi.co.uk (The Hut Group Ltd) has announced its withdrawal from the Reward Your Thirst collector mechanic as of 04.02.11 in accordance with the Terms & Conditions
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