216 nappies size 4 Pampers baby-dry for £13.50 @ Lidl ( size 3 to 5)
216 nappies size 4 Pampers baby-dry for £13.50 @ Lidl ( size 3 to 5)

216 nappies size 4 Pampers baby-dry for £13.50 @ Lidl ( size 3 to 5)

U can buy 2 packs of Pampers baby-dry for under £9 or 4 packs for £13.5 , size 3 to 5 @ Lidl
Few weeks ago i bought these for £5 each at Morrison which i thought a brilliant deals but this is even better..
should be HOT HOT deal


Very good deal, two for £9 is good, but four for £13.50 is amazing. They RRP at around £5.50 (give or take 50p). We've moved on the reusable ones now, but still voting HOT!

I can't see this on the Lidl special offers page


This is showing as two for £13.50 - hope I am wrong and OP is right though

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I think the RRP is £8.98 each
At Lidl they put 2 packs of Pampers together as 1 in plastic bag and 2 of that ( 4 packs of Pampers) for £13.5

Is this in all lidls then? I didn't even though they sold pampers in there:oops:

Is this right?! Surely hot if it is!!

Does this include 5+ which I need for my chubby little one?

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I dont think they have size 5+. It's a very very good deals, I bought 216 nappies size 4 for £13.5, wanna to go and buy some more while the deal is on

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this deal should be hot by now

Not available in my local lidl. Only single packs there and still 8.98


Haanh567 which is your local store please?


deffo available at my local lidl (slough) so finally voting HOT!
loaaaads there in 4, 4+, 5 and 5+ too

no no no! Just re-read OP, its 1 pack for £8.99 or [COLOR="Red"]2 packs for £13.50[/COLOR], not four as OP states!!!!..it'd be deal of the century if it was though(!)

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my store is in Peterborough, as i said they put 2 pack together as 1 twins in a clear plastic bag, so you either buy 1 (means 2 packs of nappy) for £8.98 or 2 ( means 4 packs ) for £13.5. I changed the deal stated coz no one voted it hot and some other deal not as good as this get the attention.

Think you are lucky OP as checked in my local today and are just single packs. It is probably a mistake by one of the staff not opening up the packets properly. If I were you would stock up!:thumbsup:

mine too
went in and check is 1 in a pack not 2
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