216Pcs 5mm Sliver DIY Neo Cube Magic Beads Magnetic Balls Puzzle £7.72  BangGood

216Pcs 5mm Sliver DIY Neo Cube Magic Beads Magnetic Balls Puzzle £7.72 BangGood

Found 1st Nov
Currently Banggood offer Magnetic Balls Puzzle at £7.72

Material: Magnet
Color: Sliver
Shape: Round
Quantity: 216 pcs
Diameter: About 0.20" / 0.5cm
Weight: 5.18 oz / 147 g


I'd happily fiddle with this.
Still seeking for a creative and unique toy for your baby? Need something amusing to help you kill the time? Come to look at this 216Pcs 5mm White DIY Neocube Magic Beads Magnetic Balls Puzzle Neocube Intelligence Toy here! It can be a magic cube to cheer you and your kid up! Due to the mutual attraction between the mini magnet poles, this magic cube can be combined into any geometry freely. All kinds of results are available in according to your creation and imagination. You will come up with countless shapes with no name, since you are the first person to create them. Basically, you will never feel bored since you are able to create everything by your own idea. Really an amazing toy, isn’t it? Take it home right now

"Take it home for your baby" lol
Edited by: "mymymy" 1st Nov

It looks good.... but quite expensive for such a small size.

I was looking to buy something like these, but stopped because of the price. For those who want something similar you can find the 3mm ones for around £3.30 on AliExpress, not tried them though

To give an idea of size..... the cube is about the size of a snooker chalk cube.
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