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Hyundai Tucson SUV 1.6 GDI 132 SE Nav 5Dr Manual - £210pm 1+35 No Deposit + £299.99 processing fee = £7859.99 total @ 21st Century Motors
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Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Been looking around for a new good value SUV and came across this limited offer! No deposit, 3 year lease at a great price! Cheaper than last Tucson deal on here I believe. Hope t… Read more
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Mine is not on lease, its my mobility car but a cracking car that is brilliant for my needs. I find it very good on fuel too x


Ooh erm, suv type, manual, 10k to 15k a CB year so mpg great or electrical, budget say 10-15k, features erm dunno really, just best bang for buck.


The appeal is getting to drive a brand new car with the latest technology, no repair costs to worry about the ability to hand it back at the end without having to worry about trying to sell it on. Owning a 10 year old used car is almost always going to work out better financially than a lease, unless you have a major engine failure but the comparison can only be done in terms of financial. Every other comparison is apples and oranges. Most people get a lease because they want a car which is going to cost them a set cost per month without having to be concerned about repairs. We own a new car and a 12 year old one, we save £50 per month for the used one to cover any repairs it needs which we don’t for the new one. Wear and tear is the same unless you get a short lease but if I stepped out of the house each morning and had the choice, I would pick our new car every single day of the week.


Still don’t get the appeal in leasing a car. I know loads of people do but all that expense with nothing to show for it at the end? I would much rather buy a cheaper car, pay the same cost per month and at least have a car at the end of it. Keep that car and run it to the ground and then buy a new one I need to. Or save up in the years after the car is paid off so I have a good chunk of money to ether buy a second hand car either outright or with a very small loan to pay off the remaining balance. Maybe just me though as I’m currently driving a 10 year old car that’s only done about 22k and bought it for a steal as it’s old and therefore not desirable to a lot of people. Even though it done nothing but the weekly shop for the first 9 years of its life. I will keep it until it isn’t worth repairing. I do quite fancy a hybrid at some point but they are still too pricey for my liking. I could probably afford it if I really wanted but don’t see the point in wasting all that money when I have a perfectly good car at the moment.


Nice to see some good comments lately. I'm very tempted. Think I'll test drive this weekend. So it's not a death trap when overtaking either lol???

Seat Leon 1.5 TSI EVO FR [EZ] 5dr. Lease 3 years no deposit £186.50 a month, total £7014
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Seat Leon 1.5 TSI EVO FR [EZ] 5dr. Lease 3 years no deposit £186.50 a month, total £7014
Seat Leon 1.5 TSI EVO FR [EZ] 5dr Includes metallic paint. Factory order for new 19 plate. 1+35 at £186.50 8k miles other available for not much more a month £299.99 fee. 36 m… Read more
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Yeah, it came up from a dealer in Brighton to the Wirral so the guy signed 500 miles off (it was actually only about 300)


Did they take off the delivery mileage when they checked the vehicle back? Fleetprices told me that the 300 miles on my delivered vehicle came off my annual allowance.


Did anyone get this deal?


Same as above, I applied for the finance over weekend , 10k miles 3 years which was £189 - I have just had a call from 21st saying they cannot match this figure and it would be £235


Just had the call back from them and looks like it was a price error unfortunately.

Seat Ateca 1.5TSI EVO SE Technology lease £5,976.20 total lease @ 21st century motors
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Seat Ateca 1.5TSI EVO SE Technology lease £5,976.20 total lease @ 21st century motors
Various deposit/years/mileage options but the one that works for me is no deposit, 2 years 8000 miles 1x £236.55 then 23 x £236.55. There’s a £299 broker fee which I think is a bi… Read more

That sucks, I have called twice and left a couple of voicemails, but nothing. Damn, I was excited.


Scrap that just had the email back to say the normal rubbish I have had for a few deals now that there was a price increase this morning and the deal has gone up. Absolute rubbish, just admit to a misprice.


I have a call setup for 4.00pm, damn !


Deal gone. Went to book it today and the price has gone up in line with all other brokers. Had requested a call later last night about the deal and haven't heard yet so take it they mispriced or what ever.


Got my Ateca 6 months ago, same terms (2 yr, 8000 miles), slightly more expensive than this deal, so heat for this.

Audi A4 Avant 1.4T FSI S Line 5dr [Leather/Alc] Lease 256.69 per month (256.69 initial) 24 months - £6160.56 @ 21st Century Motors
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Posted 10th Oct 2017Posted 10th Oct 2017
Audi A4 Avant 1.4T FSI S Line 5dr [Leather/Alc] Lease 256.69 per month (256.69 initial) 24 months - £6160.56 @ 21st Century Motors
Personal contract hire Contract term : 24 months Rental profile : 1 + 23 Annual mileage : 10000 Production status : Current model CO2 band : H (131-150 g/km) Avant model so a… Read more
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Sensible and interesting post - thanks (y) 🏼


Thanks,. I'll give them a look. I know the traditional remap used to advance the ROM counter but a decent tuner would reset that counter for you. I presume this td1 thing is more robust.


If you do look into them, just remember not all tuning boxes are made equal. Some are really poorly made knock-offs and there are even others on the market that have been exposed as being completely fake boxes. As in, all they do is light up an LED on the box when you connect it but the box doesn't actually do anything to the engine in any way shape or form. Just a load of random components soldered to a PCB. tdituning and DTUK are both very reputable makers. expect to pay anywhere between £250 - £450 for one of theirs depending on discounts available etc. The triple channel boxes seem to be the best value and most advanced if available for your car.


It will be locked in the PBL so better chance of finding an exploit that accidentally resets it. All it is in the module is a PID that counts the number of times the software has been flashed to the module. If VAG Flash it then it ups the counter against the VIN, if someone else flashes it then it becomes mismatched and the computer will flag the mismatch. If you use a tuning box you will never actually flash the module therefore it is impossible that the flash counter will increase.


Give me a shout when you crack it then. I was under the impression the tuning boxes gave the same td1 codes, maybe not. I'll look into it as an option, was always under the impression they were just a low rent version of a remap, and just altered the fuel flow readings (like a big resistor) and not much else causing over fueling for the extra power, no changes to timings and boost pressures etc.. Maybe they have moved on a bit.

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