22" ASUS LCD WIDE VW223D ANA 5M 1680X1050 SPKRS BLACK UK @ £119.09 - LambaTek

22" ASUS LCD WIDE VW223D ANA 5M 1680X1050 SPKRS BLACK UK @ £119.09 - LambaTek

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Found 27th Dec 2008
Excellent Visual Performance
- The 16:10 golden ratio 22 widescreen for viewing comfort.
- Fit two A4 size pages on screen to help double working efficiency
- Wide viewing angles make the VW223D perfect for viewing high-quality DVD images.
- 16.7 million display colors deliver rich and colorful images.
- Work with Windows Vista Basic.

ASCR(ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) 3000:1
Provides the high contrast ratio of 3000:1, which can dynamically adjust contrast between black and white to provide sharper and brighter images - especially during games and movies.

Display 4:3 Contents Perfectly on Widescreen
Aspect control function enables 4:3 contents without image distortion on the widescreen.

Intelligent Image Enhancement
Splendid Video Intelligence Technology fine tunes the color, brightness, contrast and sharpness of images in different video applications and offers 5 preset video modes selection via hotkey and 3 skin tone options, providing video quality comparable to the best TVs.

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A direct link would be good. Plus it isnt available.

I frequently see these guys listed for products on Google searches and then they are never in stock. Not sure if they are just after the referral fees for then sending people to other sites or not.
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