22-Inch LG Widescreen TFT Monitor  for £169.99

22-Inch LG Widescreen TFT Monitor for £169.99

Found 19th Apr 2008
yet another deal, a little expensive but specs might tell you why

22-Inch Widescreen TFT Monitor

Manufacturer: LG

The perfect monitor solution for gamers and graphic designers
Increased productivity from the larger screen size
Ideal for watching DVDs or playing games in widescreen
Flatron f Engine - the world''s first picture enhancing chip for LCD
5ms response time
1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) resolution
5000:1 contrast ratio
VESA standard for wall mounting
3 years'' on-site warranty

The LG Monitor contains Digital Fine Resolution (DFC) technology - experience clear and sharp images on LG FLATRON LCD. See the colours literally jump off the screen. The screen is ideal for moving pictures as it is optimised for maximum movie image brightness and suitable for moving images with various brightness levels. e.g. Movies, Animations, Games, Photos, etc.

The monitor is "Strong in the Dark" as it excels in displaying dark images - images remain clear in dark backgrounds. There is superior classification of dark colours and displays PERFECT BLACKS through automatic control. The FLATRON f Engine - LG''s Picture Enhancing Chip for LCD Monitors uses DAFI technology features RCM (Real Colour Management) allows the monitor to display colours that are vivid and natural. ACE (Adaptive Colour and Contrast Enhancement) enhances brightness and contrast. The technology optimises image quality for videos and high resolution photos.


Cheaper yes, but 2000:1 contrast ratio and (IMO) a lesser quality brand. would rather pay the extra for the LG one. Both good deals but personally would go for LG

I have the same monitor, but paid £185 for it. It's a fantastic monitor, as anyone would expect from LG :thumbsup:

It also has DVI as well as VGA.

Voted HOT as it has a very high contrast ratio (5000:1) compared to other TFT monitors.


Voted HOT as it has a very high contrast ratio (5000:1) compared to other … Voted HOT as it has a very high contrast ratio (5000:1) compared to other TFT monitors.

That's because it's the DFC/Dynamic contrast ratio, which is a seperate feature that adjusts the brightness depending on what the display is showing, the actual contrast ratio (The maximum ratio of brightest colour to darknest) is probabably around 1000:1 quoted and is probably around 500:1 using a brightness setting usable for daily use.

See ]this review on the similar LG227WT which also claims 5000:1 contrast. The actual contrast value after it had been calibrated was measured at 576:1.

This model looks like the L225WT to me as well.
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