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22% OFF any purchase at Halfords
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

*** Updated Sep 17 ***
A bit long winded but here is the guide how to get 22% off any purchase at Halfords.

First get yourself £15.95 Toyota Owners Club Premium membership here (*credit to jamesm182*):


It gives 15% discount for in store Halfords purchases (NOTE - only 10% for bikes).

Or alternatively get yourself a British Cycling £21 FAN membership (£18.90 if paying by DD). Membership gives you 10% in-store discount including Boardman bike range. Ask your friends who might already have it.

*** The site was taken down and is not clear when/whether it would come back. You can purchase gift vouchers over the phone but company only gives 7% discount (thanks to runix20) ***Calculate the cost of your purchase after the discount and buy Halfords gift vouchers with 10% discount here: select.halfordsbusinessservices.co.uk/
Codes - MCOUNTHal09, ELGHAL13, NRTSCHAL13 - all give 10% off
You need to register with the Select site first in order to apply the code. There is £2 delivery charge for Recorded delivery or £7 for RM Special delivery.
In order to purchase more than £300 you will need to keep adding the maximum to your basket, for example add 20 x £10 vouchers to your basket and then go back to the catalogue and add another 20 x £10 vouchers etc.

Many large employers and shopping clubs do have dedicated discount code for the site. You can register with The Big Saving Club, Ideal Extras club, JML (both gives 8% discount though)

Lotus, Escort Cabriolets club members and Morton Michel policy holders also get 10% discount:

Alternatively you can buy some Halfords gift vouchers at Zeek (usually 8-10% discount) which can be handy for smaller purchases:

Now order your item via Quidco (3%) or TCB (3.03%) and use Reserve&Collect service.

Make the journey to the store once order is available to collect and get your goods

This method will work on anything including sale items.

If your payment for gift voucher order is not accepted DO NOT try again. PHONE your bank - they did flag your transaction as fraudulent. Request them to remove the bar then wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before trying again.
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