22 pack walkers crisps for £1 in asda

22 pack walkers crisps for £1 in asda

LocalFound 16th Apr 2017
On offer as soon as I walked into asda. 7 x salt and vinegar squares
8 x chilli doritos and 7 x wotsits for a quid!!
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Asda isn't opened today though?
Is asda open today oO
it must be thats why the op posted as soon as i walked into asda heat great price
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Open in Scotland
My local isn't open today and these are £3 online so if you can get them for £1 that's a bargain! I'll check my local tomorrow. Heat added.
I'm in Fife, Scotland and it was open.
I think it's a rip off, 4p per bag X)
Just kidding, hope they have these in my local when they open tomorrow!
thanks. heat added
I'm just out motherwell asda so defo open but didn't see this. heat!
I do have the receipt stating £1 but the description for them only says the number 4...perhaps they are referring to the price per bag!! I did ask the checkout assistant if they were definitely £1 before I bought them because you know the saying... If it's too good to be true n aw that
Love it, thanks!
Anyone else seen these in there local Asda, they're £3 in mine
£3 in Arbroath yesterday
Normal price in Asda small Heath this morning
l am on the hunt tomorrow for cheap chocolate and now it looks like I added crisps to my list.
It seems that they are £3 everywhere else, perhaps I just got lucky
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