22" Penny Skateboard - glow in the dark £55 skatehut

22" Penny Skateboard - glow in the dark £55 skatehut

Found 12th Aug 2016
Free delivery

£59.95 but can get £5 off with code SHFRIEND5

great price for a quality board. Can also get 27" version for another £5
But i would recommend 22" as super portable

Penny skateboards are the original plastic skateboard, dating back to the 1970s. The deck is plastic injection moulded, making it durable with the right amount of flex. Due to its size the Penny has sharp turns and a small surface area, making them the perfect way to get around town. They can even fit in your backpack. The vibrant colours of both the wheels and the decks make the Penny instantly stylish.


Same price here, with different choices:


Or longboard



Same price here, with different … Same price here, with different choices:http://www.sportsdirect.com/SearchResults?DescriptionFilter=Penny%20BoardOr longboardhttp://www.sportsdirect.com/SearchResults?DescriptionFilter=Penny%20Longboard

​ yes but who would want to shop at sports direct.

who wants to skateboard in the dark?

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you have to pay £5 for delivery from sports direct. but i did buy the longboard from there a few months back. I have longboard and classic 22" both in glow-in-the-dark because i am the best in the world at what i do do you understand what i am saying to you right now?
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