2200mAh portable power pack £3 instore at Asda

2200mAh portable power pack £3 instore at Asda

Found 21st Aug 2014
Reduced led from £9 down to £3

For the price seems a canny little bargain even if it's just to keep in your pocket or car. Picked two of them up a short while ago and there were still a few on the shelf, believe it ls a national deal but definitely worth a look for the price!
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Hmmm tempting at £3 even if it isn't as good as an Anker
Which Isle are these?
It was on the front facing part next to the tills. It was hung up with all the batteries too
Thanks, will take a look.

Which Isle are these?

anybody tried 1?
Thanks op,just picked up 2 from my local store.shame they had no black ones left,so had to settle for pink and blue lol
Thanks op, just bought one. Heat added.

There's one black one left on the shelf at Asda next to the Metrocentre in Gateshead. It's on the battery section about halfway down the checkouts.
Just ordered an xaomi 10400mH for £12
Thanks OP. 4 left at West Bridford, Nottingham. Priced at £7.50 on the shelf but scanned at £3.

Just ordered an xaomi 10400mH for £12

From where?

Just ordered an xaomi 10400mH for £12

And ????????

Just ordered an xaomi 10400mH for £12

Where from seems like a good price.
Just got one from Asda Chelmsford . Still a few left. They're on the end of an aisle just behind the tills with all the batteries.
Got 6 from West Bridgford in Nottingham today. Pink and Blue were marked down from £15 to £7.50 and the Black from £15 to £9.
All three colours went through the checkout at £3 each though.
BTW - Before someone asks; No I will not use 6 at the same time.
They do however make great gifts to treat the kids !!
great price..as aldi are selling the triangle type at £7.99.....Hot from me.

Just ordered an xaomi 10400mH for £12

from where did u order ?? hope its a genuine one n not fake..
Just picked a black one up from Warrington Westbrook - Thanks! Heat added.
a few pink ones left Bradford Foster Sq, thanks op Heat added
Picked up the last one in pink from Asda Rushden today!
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