220g Black Saltlakrits (chocolate) - 50p @ Poundstretcher

220g Black Saltlakrits (chocolate) - 50p @ Poundstretcher

Found 24th Jan 2017
This is a king-size bar of Marabou Black Saltlakrits (Milk chocolate with salty liquorice pieces in) found in Poundstretcher for 50p. It's foil-wrapped and made in Sweden by Mondelez so it's not cheap/nasty tasting choc either. They also had just milk chocolate variety but that was £1.

Ok. so a bit of an 'acquired' taste, this one but if; like me; you are a chocoholic then I could eat it with bits of tarmac in! I quite like the stark contrast of the salty liquorice against the sweet milky chocolate. Worth a try at 50 pennies, I thought...

Just remember: if you decide to vote then please do vote on the deal - not just whether you dislike chocolate/liquorice/tarmac etc. Hehe!

Best regards, all.

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can we still claim the 5th amendment, or has it been abolished yet
Nope. This is a dictatorship, not a democracy.
Love this, always get some if I'm in a pound stretcher that has it.
Hot. I love tarmac.:D
Omg- this is a thing?! Heat added
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