£22.95 Cordless Reusable Mini Dehumidifier (BOGOF) @ Amazon

£22.95 Cordless Reusable Mini Dehumidifier (BOGOF) @ Amazon

Found 25th Nov 2010
(looking to buy either two pairs of these or an electrical one)
NO MORE DAMP CLOTHES, MUSTY SMELLS AND DAMAGING EFFECTS OF MOLD AND MILDEW. It just takes a second to hang this compact mini dehumidifier anywhere where it is damp. NO fixing, NO wiring, NO batteries... it's so simple... the 100% renewable, non-toxic water glass crystals in the cassette silently get to work, sucking moisture from the air. After 3-8 weeks the weight of the dehumidifier will increase, and the crystals in the indicator window will change from blue to pink to show that it will need to be 'renewed'. Simply remove, attach the power cable, plug into the mains power supply in a well-ventilated room and the built in heater will warm up the crystals, allowing them to expand and release the moisture. Completely reusable once the crystals are dry (blue) it is ready to use again! Just unplug and reuse! No mess, no fuss and no expensive refills. Hang or stand one in attics, cellars, garages, caravans, bathrooms, window sills, safes etc and that's it! No more expensive damage from damp, mildew and mould AND NO MORE NASTY SMELLS. Compact and completely portable, move it around your home wherever you need to keep an area fresh and dry. Measures just 15 x 12 x 3.5cm.


Had an Ebac Dehumidifier for over a year now (£160 delivered) House is as new again. Don't like the look of these, but if you have the same problems as I had, go for the Ebac electrical one.

only any good for something like wardrobes or very small places, I have some
and it is NOT Amazon but a Marketplace seller so not allowed
Also they are always sold in pairs

sold on ebay £19.99 for two

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