23 in 1 Multi Card Reader/ Writer - £3.32 @ MemoryBits

23 in 1 Multi Card Reader/ Writer - £3.32 @ MemoryBits

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23 in 1 Mobile Card Reader/Writer

The 23 in 1 mobile Card Reader lets you transfer files from various memory cards and your PC, in a quick and simple process. Its possible to move, save, duplicate and remove various file types including data, videos, pictures, game applications and MP3s. You just simply insert your card into its corresponding slot on the reader then plug the reader into the USB 2.0 port in your PC. Your data should be available instantly as an extra drive.


* Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0
* Easy installation, plug and play, hot swapping, portable and easy to go
* Support Windows 98/2000/XP,Mac os V9.2 or higher
* Reader and writer support
* Read speed over 4.3 Mbps,
* Write speed over 1.3Mbps
* Icon beside the card slots, easy to distinguish.
* Led indicator light.
* Compact and streamline design.

Memory card support list;

* Compact Flash - Type 1, Type 2, Ultra 2CF, Micro drive
* Secure Digital - SD, Ultra II SD, Mini SD ( adapter required), Micro SD
* Multi Media - MMC, MMC2, RS-MMC (adapter required)
* Memory Stick - MS, MS-MG, MS-Pro, MS-sel, Ultra 2-MS, HS-MS Pro, MS-ROM, Pro Duo (adapter required)
* - Picture card

This is a great card reader at a great price - check out the majority 5 star comments on the website link!

To get it at this price you will need to enter the 20% off discount code "latesummer20" in the discount code box on the checkout page. All items include free delivery. Please note you cannot combine Quidco with discount codes - the checkout page won't let you!

I have had one of these for a few months and it's great in the fact that it reads practically all memory cards. Also the device only appears as one drive rather than the annoying multiple drives that you normally get with other card readers so you know the drive assigned to this reader with always open the memory card first time.


Dont shout - I know it is not in the spec but can this read/write to the High Capacity SD (SDHC) cards?


D :whistling:

Original Poster

Yes SDHC cards work fine too - had to double check that though as you're right it doesn't say in the description!

This will replace my rather crappy ebuyer on that is so poor quality.

Thanks for the heads up

thnx gud find

I've got one of these and I wouldn't say it's that great, build quality is quite poor but what can you expect for the price. Oh and if you're wondering why the SD card doesn't want to go into the slot it's because of a very poorly placed piece of metal that will make a nice scratch on the card. Believe me when I say I wasn't impressed when I took the card out to find that.

just ordered, and heat + rep added. thanks!

Have a look at this one on E4by 220470055273
£2.13 delivered I have purchased 10 for xmass for family.
The one i am using sent 4gb to sdhc card in 11/12 mins quite fast.

Good find - thanks


Have a look at this one on E4by 220470055273£2.13 delivered I have … Have a look at this one on E4by 220470055273£2.13 delivered I have purchased 10 for xmass for family.The one i am using sent 4gb to sdhc card in 11/12 mins quite fast.

Good enough for me - ordered 2 - not sure how they can make a profit though :oops:

Rep added and H&R added to the original OP as yours is a good deal and helped me find this one :thumbsup:

Thanks, ordered.

here's some heat op, can't go wrong 4 price, surely.

I've had two of these and both died within a matter of days. Nice idea - crap quality control... don't waste your money!

i have the same one and am not too found of it.

unlike other readers i have used - the problem with this one is that the SD card doesnt easily go if your can get it to go in

Utter dog muck... 3 sent by Memory bits all knackered!

I am looking for a good quality reader though and im more than happy to pay decent money for a quality product if anyone has any suggestions
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