235 Piece Dynamic Tool Chest  £47.99 @ Halfords

235 Piece Dynamic Tool Chest £47.99 @ Halfords

Found 23rd Aug 2010
hi all halfords has a sale and have this 235 Piece Dynamic Tool Chest.


I have one of these, and they do the job, had 2 the same spanner, when i got it, so had to take it back, but now complete set.

I paid full price, so this is defo a good deal!
Cheap tools, but do the job well

Not saying they not worth the money but Halfords constantly have these tools on half price "discount", it's the same with their socket set.

I doubt one of these has ever been sold at full price, so if it's worth £48 get it, but don't be fooled by the "half price limited offer" rubbish

always love the 235 or x piece set when 90% of it is made up of sockets, screwdriver bits, etc

still 48 doesnt seem too bad...more an ok deal rather than massive saving
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I have one of these. Quality is not the best, but does the job and covers just about every possible bolt and screw you will ever come across
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