24, 30 or 30 + Box Cutlery Set @ Groupon

24, 30 or 30 + Box Cutlery Set @ Groupon

Found 25th Dec 2013
Seen these in Selfridges before. They look and feel the part.

There is no much else that can be said about a cutlery set really.

Well, actually there is, I'm sure that there are actually volumes and volumes written about cutlery. And forums dedicated to the subject. And people with degrees and PhDs on the subject.

But for the purpose of this listing let's just say that is £10 cheaper than the cheapest I could find it elsewhere.

You won't get the sense of awe and magnificence you'd get if you purchased these from let's say House of Fraser @ £300+ but as long as you don't tell your guests I guess it will be OK.

The price quoted is for the 24 piece set without funky box. The 30 set is £74.99 and the same set with the dust gatherer and space taker... sorry, I meant funky box, is £85.
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