24 500ml Bottles of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi for £8 @ FarmFoods

24 500ml Bottles of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi for £8 @ FarmFoods

Found 3rd Aug 2011
Title pretty much says it all. Went to get usual bits and pieces and saw this. Help someone who likes pepsi......??
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Can't stand it personally, but it's a cracking price.
great price thanks
33p a bottle, gotta buy it for the hols, when it costs upwards of £1.30 in a corner shop...
39p in Home Bargains - you dont have to bulk buy. Sure you save 6p a bottle but thats qyuite a lot for something that you may not consume regular.
Love it... as far as Diet cokes go, but really must stop drinking the stuff!
12 x 600ml Pepsi Max at £4.40 at Costco for August for those not near a Farmfoods.
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Can confirm deal at Weston Super Mare. 39p as singles
clearing stock seeing as pepsi bottles are going to be 600ml now.

When was the last time the measurement went up on a product without passing on the cost to the customer?!

Shame pepsi ax cherry isnt in small bottles yet, that stuff is lush, drinking it now!
Was going to post this myself as it's a great deal, but also I just got a Farmfoods flyer through which gives vouchers for 10% off, ie £2.50 off £25, £5 off £50, £10 off £100!

They also have Pepsi Max in the Norwich farmfood..
It has been this price for about 3 months and they always have stock when I go in for some reason. Should have posted this myself. I also used the £5 off £50 as was filling the freezer anyway.

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