24 AA or AAA Kodak MAX batteries. FREE Delivery £3.99 @ 7dayShop

24 AA or AAA Kodak MAX batteries. FREE Delivery £3.99 @ 7dayShop

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FINAL STOCKS ONLY - Price shown is for 24 Batteries (i.e. 2 packs of 12) - LIMITED STOCK ONLY - The Best and Most Powerful KODAK Batteries!
KODAK Batteries are state-of-the-art, and have always delivered outstanding performance. The latest enhancements take KODAK MAX Batteries to a whole new level.
Today's cameras and their sophisticated features place far greater demands on camera batteries. That's why Kodak offers KODAK MAX Alkaline Batteries. The Power behind Great Pictures!

AA Size batteries are also known as LR6, LR06, MN1500, KAA etc.


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I thought this deal would have got Hotter! Ah well.:p

To be honest Im trying to work out why this deal isn't hot, is there some sort of problem i don't know about?

These batteries are not as great as they claim which is why i don't think this is so popular. I voted hot still.
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Poor batteries.

Ordered the AAA. Just got in on the AA Sainsbury deal so didn't need those. Thanks OP.



Poor batteries.

i think these are the same as the pu.oundland ones?

heat added!

These are not the same as the crappy Kodak ones from pounland.
These are akaline batteries.
ordered and voted hot.

Damned good price, cheers

COLD, 8+2 pack for a quid @ poundland. Do the maths...

these are not same as poundland ones

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I have used the AAA ones in the past (same sort of deal) and the worked a treat! Thats why i thought they where a bargain at this price!

Thanks Renegade just ordered - good Alkaline Batts...Kodak say....

Long lasting premium alkaline AA batteries, the Kodak Alkaline AA battery gives quality that lasts. Superb for high-drain, high-rate photo applications. Kodak recently came into the battery market, bringing with it a well known reliable brand name. Kodak's AA batteries will be a very good choice for your camera battery or any other AA battery supply.

Kodak MAX battery - AA - alkaline specifications
General.Product Type Battery .Weight 0.8 oz .Battery.Type AA type .Technology Alkaline .Included Voltage Provided 1.5 V .Capacity 2900.0 mAh

Poundland do have the alkaline ones, at least mine does, they are 6+2 for a quid I think, and unlike with 7dayshop don't turn up 2 weeks after you needed them.

I use the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for my camera (also purchased through 7-day Shop). For low-demand items like remote controls, I get a 12 or 14 pack of AA from the pound shop. They usually have Sony or Kodak brand batteries. Definitely not a cold deal but not quite hot for me.

Careful - many of the Poundland batteries are Zinc Chloride and not alkaline.

It states on the front which are alkaline, although the 12-14 packs do tend to be zinc.
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