24 bottles of Budweiser 300ml for £13 @ Asda

24 bottles of Budweiser 300ml for £13 @ Asda

Found 2nd May 2012
Decent deal on Budweiser 24 bottles for £13 making it 54p a bottle not bad!
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Yes it's alright but however you mainly only find it in single bottles, and also this deal isn't all that bad for what you are getting.
£13 for a crate. Good price.
Really surprised that this isn't hotter.

54p for a bottle of Bud is as cheap as you're probably going to get, especially in Scotland.
I think, unless I have the maths wrong it equates to £1.80 a litre, which is okay, but not anything other than a normal deal.

Ps. Ciderlord.. Original bud is better, but it will be more like twice the price and its all mass produced sh*t now (all Anheuser-Busch), so lets not kids ourselves.. lets just enjoy a drink (and if you are a cider lord get on that somerset sh*t)
I just got 24 bottles for £8 at ASDA West Bridgford !!! They had about four huge displays of Bud boxes of 24 but the sinage all related to 12 Bottle boxes at £8 ?? I took a box of 24 to the till which scanned at £13 so I told the cashier that the signs all said £8 so she honoured it. The guy behind me stopped unloading his trolley and ran to pick up a couple of boxes before they cottened on !! Love a bargain.
Ahh explains why the price was missing in the WB store today! bought 3 cases for £39 for 72
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