24 Cadbury Jaffa Cakes £1 in Poundland

24 Cadbury Jaffa Cakes £1 in Poundland

Found 11th Feb 2011Made hot 13th Feb 2011
24 Cadbury Jaffa Cakes in Poundland

Just checked and its £2.10 for 24 at Tesco and Sainsburys and £1.89 at Asda - so seems a great price

24 Pack Cadbury Jaffa Cakes. Spongy cakes covered with a thick layer of Cadbury milk chocolate and a tangy orange filling. With 100% extra free, you get 24 for the price of 12 - that's red hot value!


Great deal...Just hope there's some left for me tomorrow.

Was in today...must have missed these .


It can vary from store to store I think. I bought them once,they were in my local store last year. They were close to best before date and the spongy part was a bit stale.

just bought 4 packs. Exactly what mum2 says. Best before 16th of march, quite a disappointment taste wise, I love jaffa cakes but I wouldn't recommend these.
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