24 can pack of iron bru £6.00 add on item Amazon (25p a can)

24 can pack of iron bru £6.00 add on item Amazon (25p a can)

Found 10th Oct 2017
Free next day delivery with Amazon prime subject to cut off times. Apparently helps 'cure' hangovers?? More than enough time to get delivered in time for Sunday morning??🤔 Can get cheaper £5.70 if you subscribe and save!! Add on item so need to bring total of purchase to over £20!
Be gentle 2nd ever post (first being this morning!)
enjoy! Unsure of how to add pic, will get there soon
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£5.00 in asda at the moment
These can usually be bought at supermarkets at 25p per can price mark in a multipack. I usually get ther 8 pack for £2 from asda or Iceland.
phuqfaze3 m ago

£5.00 in asda at the moment

that's a good price ive not seen them and I went in yesterday, will keep my eyes peeled for them next time im in
Can be had cheaper but a good deal considering it's delivered. £5.70 with subscribe and save.

20% off for prime members on first subscribe and save too.
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This is the average price for a 24 pack. So far I've noticed that Lidl, Farmfoods and Tesco all sell it for £6
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IRON Bru #spellcheck!
"Apparently helps 'cure' hangovers??"

Pish. Us real Scotsmen all go for the only guaranteed hangover cure...........

We start drinking again.

Got them for £5.10 with subscribe and save good price. Thanks
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