24 cans 250ml orange lucozade - £5 instore @ ASDA

24 cans 250ml orange lucozade - £5 instore @ ASDA

LocalFound 31st Mar 2017
24 cans for £5 small pallet full in ASDA whitchurch bristol
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Is this national
Wasn't in my asda but new it wouldn't . Great deal and heat etc . What I did see in pop noodle out of date for 10p lots of them . I was moaning about how they should be free if anything and how can they charge an out of date product for pure principle I wouldn't pic one up me mate picked up 4 lol the funny thing is I went back for one as bought two for a £1 other flavours .Then the 10p one wouldn't scan so left at till and packed me shopping . me mates was trying to buy his shopping and the 4 pops he bought wouldn't scan lol the stress at the self service lol . Shame about the Lucozade thou.
Saw this in Leicester store yesterday so I assume national
6 cans were £2.50 in my local asda yesterday so good find!
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