24 cans coca cola £5 in TESCO instore

24 cans coca cola £5 in TESCO instore

Found 24th Dec 2013
24 pack Coca Cola/Diet Coke £5. in tesco. Deal is on until 2/1/14. In store. The Deal is on NOW. was in Tesco ealier today, this deal is STILL ON. I got another 2 cases

Looks to be Scotland stores only
- jaybizzle

Looks to be Scotland stores only
- jaybizzle

Looks to be Scotland stores only
- jaybizzle
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    in store?
    cant find the deal...
    could only find them at £9.99 @ Tesco
    does this scan in at £5?
    says £9.99????
    Still showing £9.99 online. As above, instore only deal? Starting tomorrow or something else. Needs clarification.
    Will have a look later today.
    wat lowrieh*** said
    Original Poster
    sorry guys I have edited posting. The deal is on NOW and is instore. The Deal ENDS ON 2/1/14
    Does Sainsburys price match work with things like this, if bought instore? We don't have aTesco near us
    Just been to my local tesco (cefn mawr) and they were £9.99 there. Had 8 packs bogof
    I have just been to Grimsby store £10
    £7 at my local (Barking) store.
    Must be store pacific
    I didn't realise they had a store in the South Seas

    Must be store pacific

    spersific* you idiot

    spersific* you idiot

    yay another teaco wild goose deal
    I only got 18 pack for £3.74 in Newtownabbey. Also 8 Pack BOGOF @ £4.
    no thanks
    cold from me

    I only got 18 pack for £3.74 in Newtownabbey. Also 8 Pack BOGOF @ £4.

    The 18 pack at £3.74 is national, this deal is clearly not.




    Lmao. Hilarious

    spersific* you idiot

    oh the irony.

    spersific* you idiot

    Also the Coca Cola Diet "caffeine free".
    Is this nationwide ? Can anybody confirm.

    Looks like some Tescos aren't doing it.

    I'll check my local Tesco Extra in the evening and will try and update you. Won't be till about 7pm.

    Probably out of stock by then....
    Lol noones found any but still hot
    It is a deal in aberdeen
    This offer has been on at our local tesco for a few weeks now, also a 50p off voucher is floating around HUKD. 24 x Coke and Diet Coke only.
    hope this helps
    £5 in alloa store. 24x irn-bru £5 to
    Nothing will ever beat that 16 cans diet coke for £1.10 the other week , NOTHING
    Nothing here in licester
    Not in osterley
    I tried 3 Tesco stores Liverpool- Park rd Extra- No stock £10 customer services told me, i then went to Metro clayton sq Guy said we are not allowed to put stock out, he checked with his supervisor was told same & price £10 also tried an Express bold st no stock! in the end got the 8pack from Metro clayton sq @ BOGOF £4.20 plus i got a further £1.50 off so 16cans for £2.70 total with vouchers. i just phoned 0800 505555 Customer Services to ask what info they had for instore prices they checked two of the stores i visited confirmed £10 & no info on £5 promo, so i dont know where the op got their info! Merry Xmas

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    £9.99 in Dudley
    £9.99 in King's Lynn .
    £5.00 - Dunfermline, Fife

    Looks like maybe just in Scotland ?


    Edited by: "jaybizzle" 24th Dec 2013
    we got £4 use 50p copon 2 time copon last date today

    spersific* you idiot

    you're the idiot for being a dick about it and not realising it was a simple autocorrect mistake.

    and also for spelling specific* wrong haha
    They were stacking them up right by the door in Glasgow Silverburn when I was leaving about 2pm , shame no Coke Zero
    £9.99 in my local
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