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24 X Brewdog Craft Beers Assorted Flavours Mega Value Selection Box (Best Before End July) £19.99 delivered @ Discount Dragon

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Awesome selection for £19.99 Inc free tracked delivery

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24 x Brewdog Craft Beers Assorted Flavours Mega Value Selection Box

  • Over 67% Cheaper than supermarkets based on prices checked 27/01/2023
  • 83p Per Can Delivered to your door!
  • Featuring 24 FRESHLY brewed beers straight from Brewdog’s Aberdeenshire HQ, containing 4 exclusive brews and 9 new beers alongside some of their greatest hits!

Includes the following flavours:

  • Cold Front, Mail Order Martian, BrewDog Elvis Juice, Punk IPA, Cold Beer, Planet Pale, Hazy Helles, Candy Kittens, Double Hazy, Albino Squid Assassin, Lost Lager, Dead Pony Club, Hazy Jane Guava, 5am saint, Hazy Jane, Layer Cake, Silk Road, Cake Cartel, Lost Lager Guava, Hop fiction, Almost Famous, Puppet Master, Just Desserts and Hoppy Christmas

Each purchase is for 18 x 330ml Cans + 6 x 440ml Cans (Total 24 Cans)

  • Includes Free Beer Drinking Glass (Random Design)
  • Minimum Best Before End July 2023
  • Age 18+

Please note – For this offer you do not need to spend £20, you are able to purchase just this product and get Free Tracked Delivery!

Please note – You are not able to add any other products to your shopping cart if this item is included!
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    5.25 TCB +£2 off if you spend over a fiver on TCB today. Could get this for about £17.
    Doh, didn't check and saw this seconds after hitting pay

    I wonder if Brewdog are actually shipping these direct, given the follow note on the product page

    Please note – You are not able to add any other products to your shopping cart if this item is included
  2. Avatar
    Don't they have questionable working practices?
    Yawn... The beer tastes great, hopefully it's the tears of the beaten staff.
  3. Avatar
    Great deal. I’ll try anything for 83p. Anything.

    Edit - anything beer related so stop DMing me (edited)
    Did you get my DM?
  4. Avatar
    £2 bonus through Topcashback today only too plus 5.25% off every order from discount dragon taking the cost of this down to £17
  5. Avatar
    Homepage says £5 off your first order, but I don't see £5 deducted at the checkout. Anyone know how to get it?
    I think this deal will be excluded from that offer. You can only order this item by itself as normally delivery is £25 min spend.
  6. Avatar
    Are these 0% alcohol?
    No mate - some of them are around 6-7%. I do like the Brewdog AF stuff though!
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
    They had a deal on the brewdog site back when they were selling the advent calendar - if we reduce the price, we'll pay you the difference.

    So more than a little bit cheeky of them to be selling the advent beers through other sites! Clearly dumping the stock to other outlets so they don't have to pay anyone
    Classic Brewdog haha
  9. Avatar
    Can’t fault that for less than a quid a can.

    Looking at the picture it’s the Christmas advent beers. Got that for 30 quid off Wowcher a few weeks back, with the exception of a couple they were decent.

    Yadda yadda they’re nasty people who own Brewdog. Well Jeff Bezo’s ain’t too nice but most people buy off Amazon.
    Yeah... as do I doesn't mean any of us or 'it' are right.
  10. Avatar
    1330 in-stock at time of posting
    4371 in stock now! must have struggled to sell them at full price, they were extortionate this year
  11. Avatar
    Remember the price promise they made on this before Christmas....

    lol, I was wondering why Brewdog was trying so hard to get the advent calendars to sell on their website but didn't reduce them that much. Of course, they were suddenly out of stock on and then suddenly appear on discount dragon with exactly same beers in them but not labelled advent calendar...
  12. Avatar
    Spotted this in Tesco yesterday if you are that way/interested ?
    49415939-o2QTV.jpg (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Between the 2 Brewdog Advent calendars I've just ordered and the 2 discounted Beerwulf Advent calendars currently stashed in my garage....I'll still be celebrating Christmas at Easter
  14. Avatar
    Also says includes a free glass in the description
    Definitely the advent one then.
  15. Avatar
    I'm sure this is the advent callender but may be wrong.

    Heat added
    Ive been waiting for it to fall in price like last year from £69 and it hasn't so suspect you're right
  16. Avatar
    Heat. Good deal for some 'house' beers with a date long enough to get through a BBQ or two 😃
  17. Avatar
    I really don't like Brewdog as a company so shouldn't really support them; but thanks OP, I'm a sucker for good priced beer! Bought
  18. Avatar
    Great deal, knew the calendars would be discounted at some point! Cheers
  19. Avatar
    Great spot, few I’ve been wanting to try in there too …. Ordered
  20. Avatar
    Cheers OP, just ordered 1 box through TCB, and another through Quidco.

    Only question is do I buy more than 2 packs or is that being greedy  (edited)
    What was the quidco cashback please?
  21. Avatar
    Crazy, I clicked the payment button - nothing happened tried a couple more times, and now I've purchased 3 x lots... oh well...
  22. Avatar
    Ordered be rude not 2
  23. Avatar
    Anyone else sick of seeing brewdog everywhere?
    Supermarkets seem to be selling nothing but this stuff when it comes to IPA.
    I can't blame them, must be some awesome marketing dept, but I cant seem to get my favourite lagunitas anywhere.
    Maybe just me.
    Not sure where you live but most of the supermarkets near me have a fairly decent selection of craft beers and IPAs that aren't Brewdog.
  24. Avatar
    We'll deserved after dry January 🍺🍺🍺
  25. Avatar
    So tell me what’s the expire date?
  26. Avatar
    Gone for a couple. Got a bit fed up of BD last year after ordering to much post XMas in the sales so hopefully something new to bring back the interest. Cheers op.
  27. Avatar
    Meh, cold front and Hoppy Xmas were 2 for 1.50 for about a month in Heron. I believe the cold front was one of the nicer ones from this calendar.
  28. Avatar
    With half price wine from Harvey Nichols and now this beer, I feel a party is in order
  29. Avatar


    No, there is a description of every beer if you scroll through the picture gallery.
  30. Avatar
    Nice one, heat and purchased
  31. Avatar
    Nice one OP! 8% possible Quidco too
  32. Avatar
    Coolio cheers
  33. Avatar
    Thanks OP
  34. Avatar
    Really good deal. I got the 12 days one as a gift for Christmas and they were good so this is great value. Thanks op
  35. Avatar
    Are these mainly fruity ales mixed with passion fruit, mango, etc?
    If you click through there are brief descriptions of all of the beers. Seem like about half of them are “fruity” so a decent variety to me.
  36. Avatar
    Excellent!!! Thanks. Just bought.
  37. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered with the £2 TCB offer.
  38. Avatar
    Got. Thanks
  39. Avatar
    Some crackers in here. “Puppet Master” “double Hazy” “Almost Famous”

    great stuff 
  40. Avatar
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