24 Cans of Sprite 3G Energy Drink - 99p @ 99P Store

24 Cans of Sprite 3G Energy Drink - 99p @ 99P Store

Found 19th Dec 2008
Continuing my theme of cheap energy drinks, I have just been to 99p stores in Elephant & Castle where they are selling 24 cans, yes a full crate of sprite 3G for 99p.

Of course there is a catch, the BBE date is Dec '08. But as my old Gran likes to remind me things didn't used to have these dates in her day, so I guess you'll just have to decide if it's right for you!

I'm going back for more, you can only carry so much on the bus!
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Totally agree, I think it is one huge marketing ploy to get you to buy more. The best before dates are getting shorter and shorter.
Voted hot... never heard of the 99p store though before...
Good for xmas, and just gets in the new year for those drivers
3G can be expected to provide 384 kbit/s at or below pedestrian speeds, but only 128 kbit/s in a moving car

bb dates are just a guide , its the use by dates that can make you ill if u eat the stuff after.
use by are on fresh foods in general
24 cans, thats only a 2 day supply for kids these days ne way, they'll be gone before xmas!
Fantastic deal - live nowhere near Elephonat & Castle but too good to miss if you're local. :santa:

Fantastic deal - live nowhere near Elephonat & Castle but too good to … Fantastic deal - live nowhere near Elephonat & Castle but too good to miss if you're local. :santa:

it's probably nationwide if they have stock......probably should have asked....sorry!
great deal if its in all stores, esp in vodka or bacardi! heat added!
Will be calling past my local today while doing some last minute crimbo shopping, hope theirs some in as like the above mention its a nice drink with vodka ...and im not one to be fussed if its out of date.

Heat added
HOT ! ouch !!!
great price,

shame it tastes like sweat in a can.

If you havent tried it, do so before you buy 20 crates, it doesn't taste like red bull or other energy drinks. It tastes like someone has put salt in sprite
no way will this be national..

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7593854.stmDon't give em to your kids

Shut up, take you self righteous self to the kitchen get some tape and apply, I want to look at the deals not that this organic, might hurt the kids, I don't care, now stop being annoying.
I don't see how my 6 words are 'self righteous', I simply linked to a relevant article. Think you must be wired from drinking too much of the stuff. Calm down dear.:whistling:
It's not relevant, I want to buy a product a deal, not a workshop or information on its health, source of origin. Calm down dear, you've obviously the one who is younger, Location: LDN?
in my local they had the sprite 3g but it was only 4 for 99p
heat and rep added..... 99p 24 cans!! tht 4p a can!
Its a fantastic deal, but none in Ilford, shame, I LOVE this stuff!
I live in quite a posh area so we've got a poundland, not a 99p store.:-D
Is there a car park in E&C? I'm always driving past, but have never spotted parking around there?
I agree, its not good for kids, our little one is allergic to it. I dont know why but somehow, one of the ingredients makes his face go rash.
99p stores are generally in the south, London, reading, and i guess a few in birmingham.
how does sugar manage to 'go off' ?
I went to my 99p store today, sadly I didn't get any Sprite 3G as there was none there.

I did, however, get an overdose of Comic Sans MS.
i almost voted cold because i thought "surely it must be 99p PER can!"
I picked up a crate for 99p from my local store in Reading only yesterday!
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