Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
24 cans pepsi £5 @ Morrisons
730° Expired

24 cans pepsi £5 @ Morrisons

Posted 2nd Dec 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

3 units for £5 ie 24 cans £5 or mix with j20

24 cans of coke (3 packs of or 12 bottles (3 packs of 4) of j20 for £5 u can mix if u want

ie 16 cans of coke and 4 bottles of j20
- miles136
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Bit light on the details...
think your title thread , is giving you the cold votes , you have to read it a few times - try changing your title thread it is a good deal heat added x
This is a good deal but your title seems to imply 8 cans for £5
3 x 8 = 24 cans for £5
I agree, need to change the title. Was about to add cold, but went in and read. Good deal, have some heat
OP Header should read: 24 CANS OF PEPSI £5.00 INSTORE @ MORRISONS

3 x 8 pack of PEPSI for only a fiver instore @ Morrisons

I would have posted the J20 deal separate as to save the unnecessary confusion.

Good deal bye the way.


Title needs changing but good deal! Especially if you can mix n match the pepsi varieties to keep the tribe happy!
330ml cans or those 250ml ones?
Got to be the 330ml cans. Never seen the 8 packs of 250ml just in boxed packs of 24.
Tescos are doing 24 for a fiver. They are the poxy 250ml ones.
Prefer coca cola but still not a bad deal,
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Great deal
About 21p a can, good deal!!
Great deal. Prefer Pepsi Max to any of the Coca Cola's. Will try and pick some up tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the heads up! Good deal
Poptastic. I tried the cherry Max this weekend, didn't know it existed, quite nice.
Nice deal OP
what size is the can because tesco have 24 x 250ml cans for a fiver
Awesome deal...in your face tesco with your small 250ml cans for the same price pfttt!
gd price

i like pepsi
Great deal. Cherry Pepsi Max is the bomb though! Only ever found it in Asda. Its gorge!
Good deal
Excellent buy
Coca Cola for me, Pepsi leaves an after taste
Farmfoods always have 4 cans for £1 and not just Pepsi! Sprite, vimto, fanta .. Plus if you have a voucher £2.50 off every £25 spent!
Farmfoods always have 4 cans for £1 same deal .. Not just Pepsi.. Fanta, vimto, sprite! Even better if you have a voucher - spend £25 get £2.50 off!
Not bad price

Coca Cola for me, Pepsi leaves an after taste

My understanding is that Pepsi has lime oil in it, which gives it that syrupy sensation and bitter aftertaste, while Coca Cola uses lemon oil which has a crisper, lighter taste. Given the choice I prefer root beer.
Good deal voted hot
Pepsi max included?

Coca Cola for me, Pepsi leaves an after taste

Coke is bland in comparison to pepsi!
not on at the borehamwood store
Coke 8packs are on 2 cases for £5 so u only get 16 for a fiver
I can confirm that Morrisons in hounslow west is doing this deal
not bad, but waiting to see if they repeat the offer from last year pepsi (2l) at £1.49 Buy 1 get 2 Free. That was 12 bottles for £6. Almost enough to last a week
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