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24 energy drinks 5 for £1 @ Farm Foods
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24 energy drinks 5 for £1 @ Farm Foods

Posted 6th Mar 2009

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the energy drink based on 24 the series are 5 for £1 at farmfoods great buy! tasted just like red bull and co...
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mmmmmmm i love battery acid.....
Not voting hot or cold but I had one of these a while back and it was disgusting, much prefer the others such as boost, red bull etc.
Good deal but not very nice taste imo
I'm not sure if they have more than one flavour, but a green coloured 24 drink I tried was the worst thing I've ever had from a can - and I like Red Bull and loads of its copycats..... Unless you see Jack Bauer drinking this in the new series I'd give it a miss....
Absolutely 'vile' IMO

Bought 5 of these a week ago.Started drinking 1.Poured most of it away.Other 4 are in a cupboard.Good deal but bad taste
I had a can of this a while back and yea in my opp. it is horrible , rather go thursty.
I wouldnt by it even if it was 24 cans for a quid !!!
The sugarfree one (silver can) burns the back of your throat. They work alright, they serve their purpose, but they don't taste very nice at all.
yeah i would avoid
taste like carp
Yeah i agree with everyone on here, it tastes really bad and the aftertaste is even worse! Good deal for someone who does like the taste, or is planning to watch a whole season of 24 in one day!
Terrible drink. Wouldn't have it if it was free.
jack bull!
Voted Cold, not because they taste like ****, but because B and M's sell them for 20p each.
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